A Holistic Approach 

"Everything we do is affected by our relentless pursuit of 
increasing client satisfaction, adding value and growing trust."

Managing investment assets without a comprehensive analysis of the rest of the clients' financial picture - taxes, mortgages, real estate, debt, income, insurance, estate planning - is arguably still the norm in the financial advice industry and very much to the disservice of the client. Some reasons for this include the additional time, effort and experience that is required to perform comprehensive financial evaluation and planning. At SFA, the financial planning process is the core of our Holistic Approach to helping our clients.

Our Holistic Approach to financial management consists of the following steps:

1. Establish Advisor-Client Relationship

2. Gather Data and Determine Goals

3. Analyze and Evaluate Client's Complete Financial Status

4. Develop and Present the Financial and Investment Plan

5. Implement the Financial and Investment Plan

6. Monitor the Financial and Investment Plan

In order to ensure the highest level of professional advice in each area of the client's financial picture, we have selected estate planning attorneys, CPA's, independent insurance representatives and other professionals for their excellent reputation and history of positive experience with our clients. No fees or commissions are paid between SFA and these professionals, only the commitment to always place our clients' interest before their own.